2019 SEO trends

Latest Trends In SEO
There have never been static rules for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because things are always changing. Search engines are continually changing up their SEO formulas so as to discourage unethical practices and continued support for retaining relevant results at all times. For instance, Google has recently updated a part of their SEO algorithms on June, 2019. This make it hard for business owners and online marketing consultants to keep up with the latest changes. So, if you’re trying to start a new SEO campaign, the first thing to do is to search out latest trends in SEO.

That said, here’s a look at some SEO trends for 2019 as reported by industry experts to help you fully optimize your online resources:

Mobile Optimized Website
This is an obvious one, but how mobile optimized is your website? These days, everyone is turning to their phones for online searches due to its convenience. This year, Google is using mobile first indexing to deliver search results to online users. What this means is that Google will first begin with your website’s mobile content version to determine where it’s placed in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). What does this mean to you as an online business owner? If your website is not 100% mobile-friendly, then you’re likely to be delisted from search results or pushed further down the page.
How to tackle this? Make sure your website’s mobile UX and loading speed is fully optimized for the search engines.

Voice Search Optimization
The presence of voice assistants and smart speakers in homes has led to the integration of voice search in search engines. Where people have to type in keywords, they now just have to speak natural language queries into their speakers, and this might change the results given by the search engines. The best way to optimize for voice is to think like the user. What particular query will you ask if you were to be searching for same products, services or information? Then optimize for those queries.

Content is Still King
This is a popular one and you’ve probably heard that a gazillion times. However, if you keep populating your website with average contents, you may find yourself nowhere near top search engine rankings. You need to start updating your website with heavy and quality-driven contents if you want to be seen on search results. The longer the content, the better. If your competitors are publishing 1000 words content on a particular key phrase, make yours 2000 words with relevant images.
Don’t remain content-dry, as it’s definitely going to hurt your SEO ambitions. One more thing, search engines like Google, uses the ‘freshness’ factor when it comes to ranking contents, so always keep updating your website with fresh content.

Match Search Intent
This is probably the most important when it comes to SEO today. Search intent simply means the reason behind any searcher’s query on the search engines, and their job is to match the search query to the most relevant results. So, no matter how many links you have or how many technical SEO you do, if you don’t match searcher’s intent, you’re probably not going to rank. The best way to do this is to search for the keywords you want to rank for, and look at the pages that come up. The top pages you see will probably fall into 3Cs of search intent (Content-type, Content format and Content angle). This will need deeper explanation, but start by formatting your contents along those 3Cs for better ranking. Model the top ranked pages for your keyword search.

On-Page SEO/Link Building
Link building has always been an important factor for SEO, but today it’s about getting high quality links specifically related to your website content. Getting links that are highly related to your website will definitely add more weight to your content as against wide-spread ones. Three things to look out for when prospecting for links is the topical authority of the referring domain, the relevance of the link and the link authority of the referring page.
Gone are the days of publishing a website and hoping for the best. If you want to remain relevant online, then you can’t afford not to keep following latest SEO trends.

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