The features your e-commerce website must have

The quality of the website determines customers’ satisfaction; the high the quality website has, the greater will be the satisfaction level of customers.
Quite a lot of research work has been done on the website quality; for example, a scale called SITEQUAL was developed to assess website service quality.
Different factors were mentioned, such as processing speed, visual designing, easy in usability security, and others to assess the service quality of the website.
In this article, five must-have features will be highlighted, which your e-commerce website must-have. Following are five key features of an e-commerce website:

Easy usability

The more complicated your website is to use, the lesser the customers will be willing to visit.
Online customers include both novice and expert users of the internet, so the interface of the e-commerce website should be very simple and easy to use so that all types of customers can use it effortlessly.

Easy payment modes

The role of payment modes is significant, so the icon of payment modes should be clearly present either on the top or in the bottom of the e-commerce website.

This icon will help customers know which modes are available to them through which they can make payments.
The feature of live chat

To facilitate customers on the spot, many e-commerce websites have launched the feature of Live Chat with the help of which customers can get immediate assistance regarding the products or services.
Quality of images

Always consider the images of products with high-resolution so that customer gets satisfied regarding the quality of products.
Interactive display of special offers

Special offers attract customers the most so your e-commerce website must display special offer interactively. The special offers should be clearly stated.
Terms and conditions

A clear mentioning of terms and conditions is must at e-commerce websites because customers do not make an online purchase unless they are well aware of with the terms and conditions of use.
The majority of websites do mention terms and condition, but they are vague and mentioned very stealthily.
This is why customers either do not read them, or if read, they do not understand them. Thus, the feature of terms and condition should be clearly mentioned and well-written.
The customers’ reviews
The website must have an icon of customers’ review so that customers can get more information about the products or services they want to buy.

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