Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Vs. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Social Media Marketing (SMM)? Which one is best for your business? Well, that’s the focus of this article. You’re not the only one facing this challenge, as a lot of online business owners encounter same. Everyone wants a share of the millions of people browsing the internet on a daily basis. So, it’s not uncommon for you to be looking for better channels to promote your products/services to your target audience. 

Social media marketing has been creating a lot of buzz within the digital marketing space for several years now. Just like its name denotes, it means marketing through the use of social media websites like Instagram and Facebook. Nevertheless, before the advent of social media marketing, the number one way to promote products is through search engine marketing – simply means using search engines to promote products/services.

Most people are touting social media marketing as the in-thing for marketers at the moment. But the truth is that we can never implement all of the marketing strategies out there. The most important thing is to focus on ones that has the most likelihood of delivering leads to our business. You don’t have to follow everyone – formulate your own game plan and work towards achieving them.

So, will the sudden craze for social media websites make search engines less effective and unpopular? No! Search engine marketing can never die and it’s still very much effective. The truth still remains that when people are searching for stuffs online, the first place they to go is search engines. But in the case of social media sites, their contents revolve around supporting the needs of people in terms interaction. Some social media sites still show up on search engine results, to show you the power of search engine and importance of doing proper SEO for your business.

The question is not whether to use search engine marketing or social medial marketing. It should rather be, what marketing avenue works best for my type of business? Most digital marketers incorporate both.

Take for example, if you’re running a local plumbing business in Raleigh NC, United States. Then you need to take search engine marketing seriously. Let’s say someone in Raleigh was having their bath and then their water heater blows up, what will they do? They need the heater fixed ASAP, so they jump unto Google and type “plumber in Raleigh NC”. If you’ve your plumbing business optimized for that particular key phrase, you’ll get the job to fix the heater right away.

Coming to social media marketing, it works best for fashion items, convenience and tech products. Take for example, you just invented a new fashion gadget no one knows about yet and you want to get the word out. The interruptive marketing format of social medial marketing can be a great way to get your hook, big idea and your message out in front of your target audience.  

As you can see, SEM and SMM are not rivals to each other. You can try out the two options to see what works best for you. However, a combination of both can go a long way in helping your business reach its full potential. 

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