Trends in Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have always been on the fore-front of solving problems for many businesses and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Consumers experiences have impacted greatly on the recent trends in the mobile app development industry. ‘Technology’ has taken a giant step in understanding the needs and pain points of users, and has streamlined app development accordingly.   

Now, equipped with so many underlying technologies, ideas and solutions, businesses think more of only simplifying the already existing processes. Nevertheless, this is only possible when they stay up to date with trends in mobile app development. In this article, we bring you some of the top mobile app development trends that is transforming the technology space.

Blockchain technology

The mobile app development industry is already witnessing a lot of enhanced blockchain technology this year. Many firms are investing in blockchain for financial transaction management, contract management, and asset management. A study by Infosys ltd., a multinational corporation that provides business consulting services posits that some banks are expected to incorporate blockchain technology in 2019. Blockchain technology is being used by most mobile app development firms today, as it offers a stronger and more secured environment without any third-party interference.   

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The AI industry is expected to increase to $40 billion by 2020. This should give you an idea of its expected impact on mobile app development. The technology will provide businesses access to powerful insights through the use of advanced analytics and machine learning techs. AI technology instantly become a hit when it was launched. However, you’ll need to know how to find your way among its various components to be able to properly access its many features.  

Cloud technology

Cloud tech is gaining importance as the necessity to integrate the cloud-based app increases. The tech offers major benefits like reducing equipment cost and hosting, streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and increased app storage capacity. More still, there are a lot of vital data stored in various applications and this consumes space. Nevertheless, with cloud technology, you can store all your data in a particular cloud. If you’ve not integrated yet, now is the time. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT for mobile app development has become a huge industry and it’s continuously evolving. This tech will enable mobile app developers create an app that is able to control various non-IT equipment. Big players in the tech industry are already creating IoT friendly mobile apps for their businesses. 

Instant apps

Instant apps allow users of Android and iOS mobile phones to run apps instantly without need for installation. This trend is getting popular by the day. In addition, it lets them experience immersive mobile apps with sweet animations and material design without having to install them on their mobile devices. Aside from individual users, development companies also find instant apps very profitable, as it increases their conversion rate. This tech will definitely rule in years to come. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP enables developers develop fast loading mobile apps and websites, which reduces bounce rates on various mobile devices. In addition, this will increase performance level of mobile apps. 


There is no doubting the fact that the influence of mobile apps will keep expanding in 2019 and beyond, covering new businesses and domains. As developers and users, it’s always interesting to witness the various trends in mobile app development and evaluate how they have/will impact our businesses and live in general. 

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